Never settling for good enough!

ParaBellum Designs is all about getting the design right! Our experience with design started well before we made our first product. Our lead designer has been customizing products to work the way he expects for the last 30 years! We’ve got fifteen years of CAD design under our belt for a wide array of product types from furniture, to magazine loaders, knife sheaths, a simple coupler to transfer toothpaste from a large tube to a small travel tube… just because we can… and everything in between.

Our current batch of products are from additive manufacturing, also known as 3d Printing. The beauty of 3d printing is the ability to rapid prototype different designs. In our ParaBellum Speed Ramp for example, we went through 3 generations and many iterations of designs that were “good enough”… but that’s not the ParaBellum way, so we took what we learned from nearly 50 prototypes and packed them all into our 4th generation product, which is what is available to you today.

Using your Speed Ramp